Client: Verisure Chile

Country: Chile

Language: Spanish


Generate qualified Leads to convert in Sales. The main objective is to take relevant Traffic to the Landing Page optimized for conversions and also prepared to convert in any device.

verisure devices

Landing Page Optimized for All Devices

Regarding the best practices of a good Landing page for Lead Generation the Headline and the reason to believe are all focus in the middle of the page with a product Imagem and the Headline below to describe the Product. As relevant traffic comes more from any device is important to have the Landing Page prepared for any device especially Mobile.

Search Engines

The most relevant way to grow sales when the Objective is to generate Leads is the Online Search Engines. In this case Google Search represents more than 50% of the Online Sales. This happens because someone is searchin for the Product Online and the Product comunication is relevant with the Search. As higher this match is higher will be the Sales Rate.

verisure search Chile
verisure website ads

Display Network

In this case the Display Network it´s also a good solution besides Search Engines because it´s possible to bring good traffic to the Landing Page. Good traffic means relevant traffic to generate sales. This example is a local online e-commerce shop with products similar to the one of this case.