Client: XTB Online

Country: Portugal

Language: Portuguese


Generate qualified Leads to convert in participants of a stock market competition. The winner prize is the main hook for converting Leads. The main objective was to get more volume of competitors possible so the channels used to this campaign were the ones when it was possible to achieve big volumes of traffic interested in Stock Markets. Channels used: Google, BING, Youtube, Email and Facebook.

xtb trading devices

Landing Page Optimized for All Devices

Regarding the best practices of a good Landing page for Lead Generation the Headline and the reason to believe are all focus winning prize to convice the potential traffic to participate in the competition. As the strategy its to get high volume of traffic is mandatory to have the Landing Page optimized for any Device. Mobile represented 40% of the total Leads generated.

Email Marketing

Target data bases were selected by gender, age and interests. As the topic of the campaign was Financial Markets, target data bases from financial websites were selected to communicate by email to this group of people who were regist in this kind of websites.

xtb trading email
xtb trading Facebook ads

Facebook Ads

With the possibility to target the most potential people interested in the competition several campaigns were created on Facebook with a specific target. So with a good target analysis Facebook brought very good results because of the possibilty to target specifically by gender, age and interests. There were used two kinds of ads: sponsor and rigth side. Facebook represented 47% of the total Leads generated. The investment made also brought Likes to the brand page addionally, the amount of likes grow up 10% because of the adsvertising made to generate Leads.