Even though we are a young company, we started full of energy and, from day 1, delivering results to our clients. We are growing and building a solid company with the goal of making our internacional experience available to clients all over the world. Know a bit more about our history.

January 2012

The beggining
It all started in the beginning of 2012, when WhiteKube was founded in Lisboa, by our two partners, following several experiences both as client and as agency, in the digital marketing realm – working with countries all over the world.

July 2012

From the beginning, our eyes were set in the international markets and, with our rapid growth, in July of our first year, we started our international path, opening our first client in Brasil.

October 2012

Change to the new office
With our growth a new space was needed. Given this, in October 2012, we set our HQ offices in Avenida Barbosa du Bucage, Lisboa.

February 2014

Continuing our international growth, in February 2014, we expanded the range of countries where we operated and opened the first client in Chile.

April 2014

5 persons in WK
In order to grow in terms of business, we also grew in number of employees. Given this, in April 2014, we got to the mark of 5 employees.

June 2014

In that same year of 2014, we increased (again) the number of countries where we have clients. This time, in June 2014, we opened our first client in Peru, strengthening our position in Latin America.

July 2014

New office
Given our continuous growth, once again we needed a new office. So, in July 2014, we moved to our new office in Avenida Elias Garcia, Lisboa.