WhiteKube has a team of dedicated and focused people, with the same goal on their mind – make the best ROI to our client.
This is the team:

Paulo Bartolomeu

Paulo Bartolomeu Partner

Bruno Lopes

Bruno Lopes Partner

Tiago Morgado

Tiago Morgado Senior Web Designer & Project Manager

 Guilherme Ramalho

Guilherme Ramalho Digital Marketing Manager

 Diogo Silva

Diogo Silva Web Developer

José Ferreira

José Ferreira Digital Marketing Manager

Duarte Valente

Duarte Valente Sales Executive

Inês Dias

Inês Dias Office Manager

Cláudia Pinto

Cláudia Pinto Digital Marketing Assistant

Inês Avelar

Inês Avelar Web Designer – Trainee

Bruno Martinho

Bruno Martinho Sales Executive

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