Music production and promotion

UGURU focuses on music production and artist promotion and have a well-established presence and a solid reputation on both the music and arts industries. Additionally, the company is also the creator and main promoter of music festivals such as “Misty Fest” and “Classic Waves”.

Together, we developed Youtube and Social Media strategies to promote the work of artists like Wim Mertens, Buika, Ludovico Einaudi, Miguel Poveda, Ólafur Arnalds or Rodrigo Leão.

Client:  Uguru
Services:  Design, Digital Strategy, Online Advertising

Strategy before Whitekube


Before working with us, UGURU invested heavily on “offline” marketing strategies such as TV and outdoor Marketing (mainly billboards).

At the time, UGURU didn’t advertise on Youtube and their channel wasn’t optimised, being used only as an archive. In 2014, UGURU started realising the power of advertising in the digital space and partnered with us to venture into the waters of Digital Marketing.

How did we help


Our strategy was built to match our client’s main goals: artist promotion and selling tickets. Our focus was placement targeting, using Youtube ads in a tailored perspective – we created relevance tiers, used location and demographics information for reaching ideal audiences and combined tools (for example, combining true view ads with image ads on the same page).

Digital Strategy Design Online Advertising


ROI in 2017

Sold Out Shows in 2018

of UGURU’s shows promoted on Youtube

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